Friday Fun! I am all about men

I wrote one of the stories in The Devil Made Me Do It in first person from the male point of view. I never tried to write a guy POV before, especially not a sex story, so I polled my male friends and asked them to describe how sex feels for a man. They rose to the occasion and responded with some very stimulating images.

My next short story collection will have three main characters, two of them male. Each story is going to be written in first person with a different character as narrator, so I’ll be writing as a guy more often than not. I enjoy it, and I think I understand men well enough to pull it off.  I’ve been with my husband 20 years, and I have more guy friends than women friends, and the guys have taught me some interesting things.

For example: if you have a problem and you want sympathy, talk to a woman, but if you want a solution, talk to a man. My husband and a good male friend are excellent problem solvers but horrible empathizers.  Of course, there are always exceptions, but in my experience, I find this to be true.

The men in my life (and that includes the imaginary ones living in my head) typically think in pretty basic terms. When I was exploring my sexuality and feeling guilty about it, my husband asked me, “Are you having fun?” Yes. “Are you hurting anyone?” No. “Then what’s the problem?” Well, since you put it like that…. ;)

Austin Sinclair, from Tell Me You Want Me, has simple ideas about sex. “Sex is a part of life.  It’s not a separate thing.  It’s normal, natural, fun.”  A lot of his personality came from my husband (especially the dirty parts). Jack Wheeler is more complicated, but that’s what makes him so fascinating. (Is it wrong to lust after my own characters? Mmmm….)

So what’s my point? I’m writing about my enjoyment of men. Do I need one? Oh okay. My ideal Sunday afternoon is kicking back with my husband, drinking beer and watching football or an action movie if there’s no football on. (Please end the lockout!) And when I have time to read a romance novel, I read it for the men. Strong heroines are good, but I want to read about a man who haunts my dreams. 

Have you written as the opposite sex? Who haunts your dreams? 

 While I’m at it, here’s some gratuitous man candy. Did I mention I was a sci-fi dork?







About ameliajamesauthor

Amelia James started reading steamy romance novels in junior high, but her mom took them away from her, so she started daydreaming instead. After she got married, she wrote some of her naughtier daydreams down and sent them to Playgirl magazine. Two of them got published. She kept daydreaming and writing stories until her dirty stories turned into trashy books. She lives in Colorado, but she’ll always be a loyal Wisconsin Cheesehead. When she’s not lusting after her next bad boy hero, she looks for inspiration in sci-fi and action movies, football players, bloodsucking lawyers, muscle cars, and kick-butt chicks.
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2 Responses to Friday Fun! I am all about men

  1. Carissa Elg says:

    I ADORE Firefly (And the above Malcom Reynolds/Nathan Fillion)! Sci-fi rocks. My book is a sci-fi and I bounce back and forth between perspectives of 2 people. One of them is male. I have to say, I enjoyed being in his mind the most… It’s fun to see things from another perspective and torture them a bit. ;) Nice post!

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