Short story – TROUBLE in Her Hands

“Nope, uh-uh, no way.” Erica grabbed Gina’s arm and dragged her back to her room.

“What are you doing? We’re going to be late.”

“There’s no way I’m letting you out of the house dressed like that again.”

“Like what?” Gina frowned at her jeans and t-shirt. She wasn’t showing any skin, so what was the problem?

“Like you’re still a fat girl. Put on something that’ll show off your new figure.” Erica stopped in front of the full-length mirror covering Gina’s closet door and made her face her image.

Gina thought she looked fine. Yeah, her t-shirt hung off her like a full-blown sail and her jeans flopped back and forth on her hips when she walked, but she was four sizes and forty pounds smaller than she was last year, so she wasn’t complaining. “I don’t have anything like that.”

“I do.” Erica ran to her room and came back with some of her clothes. “Try this.”

She tossed a tiny scrap of cloth at Gina while she pulled off her comfy shirt. The shirt Erica gave her stretched tight across her chest. “This doesn’t fit.”

“Yes it does.”

“Seriously?” The glaring red t-shirt hugged Gina’s curves, showing more skin than her dependable clothes ever imagined.

“Oh yeah. That shirt looks perfect on you.”

Gina turned around and jumped when she saw her reflection. She still didn’t recognize the girl in the mirror. She was much too small, too thin to be her. “Thanks,” she mumbled, tugging at the clingy t-shirt bunching up on her round belly.

“You have a great body. Own it.”

Great body? Gina always liked her breasts, but when she lost all that weight, they were the first to go. They didn’t spill over the top of her bra liked they used to, but Erica’s shirt was tight enough to give her some nice cleavage. The last five pounds she needed to lose were all on her stomach and the stretchy, fitted shirt showed off every one of them. And what was that weird rumple around her waist?

“These jeans should work.” Erica held them up across Gina’s hips.

Oh, right. Her loose jeans puckered like overcooked bacon under her tight shirt. They hit the floor as soon as she unzipped them. Erica’s jeans fit like they were made for a skinny girl with an ass worth admiring. “I like these.” Gina’s reflection gave her a giddy grin.

Erica’s gaze met Gina’s in the mirror and she smiled wide. “Look out Bayfield boys. Meet the new Gina Patton.”

Oh lord. The whole Bayfield College student body was going to notice her in this shirt, even if it wasn’t five-alarm red. “Maybe I’ll skip the game tonight.”

“Whatever. Let’s go.”

Baseball season was almost over so every game was important, even if Gina had no idea who they were playing against. She just liked watching the guys play. Erica kinda had a thing for the catcher, Jack, but Gina heard he had a girlfriend. He was still nice to look at though.

And speaking of nice to look at…Austin Sinclair was pitching. Now he was a tasty piece of man candy Gina could nibble on for days. He sat next to her in Biology 101, flirting with her while they worked in the lab. Of course, he flirted with all the girls on campus, but that was his nature—sweet and charming—and trouble typed with ALL CAPS. And good looking…oh sweet lord. Gina wanted to bite him.

She took another look in the mirror and twisted her hair around her fingers. Austin would definitely notice her new body in those skin tight jeans. Woo boy. There’s gonna be TROUBLE.


“Great pitching tonight, man.”

Jack slapped Austin’s back so hard he nearly choked on his burger. “Thanks. Your home run won it for us.”

“I know.” He smiled and swiped one of Austin’s fries.

On any other night, Austin would’ve given him hell for it, but they were both glad the game was over so he let the fry-stealing go. They needed that win. Bayfield College was in the playoffs with the best record in the conference so they were in the mood to celebrate. McGinley’s Pub was packed with women—just the way Austin liked it. He looked around and spotted Hayley, but she wouldn’t look at him. Jenna was over in the corner with a guy who looked familiar, but Austin couldn’t recall his name. She smiled and waved at him when the other guy’s back was turned. Austin nodded and gave her a wink, making a mental note to call her later. And Gina—

“Holy hell, is that Gina?” He elbowed Jack.

Jack turned and looked at her. “Uh…yeah. Damn, she looks good.”

“When did she get a body like that?”

“She lost a lot of weight since last year. You didn’t notice?”

“Yeah, I noticed her. I see her every day in biology, but she’s always wearing floppy t-shirts and her jeans are too big.”

“Not tonight.” Jack let out a low whistle.

“That’s for damn sure.” Tonight she was wearing a candy apple red v-neck t-shirt that fit like a second skin, stretching across her breasts and pulled snug over her hips. Painted on jeans fit smooth and sleek on her thighs, spilling over her ass like cream on a ripe peach. “I’m going to talk to her. You take care of her friend.”

“But Sara is checking me out.”

“Sara can wait. Come on, man.”

Jack rolled his eyes, but he followed Austin to Gina’s table.

Austin pulled out a chair, spun it around, and sat down with his arms folded across the back of it. He looked Gina over and then he looked straight in her gorgeous brown eyes. “I shoulda known you were hiding some sweet curves under those baggy t-shirts.”

She looked at him and blinked and then those chocolate eyes melted. “Surprise!” She sucked in her stomach and tugged at her shirt, accidentally pulling the v-neck lower and giving Austin a nice peek at her boobs.

Jack sat down beside Gina’s friend. What was her name? “Hi Erica.”

“Hi Jack. Hey Austin.” Erica never took her eyes off Jack.

Getting rid of the friend: check. He forgot about Erica and eyed Gina again. “Did you see the game?”

“Yeah.” Gina smiled and scooted her chair closer to him. “You guys were great.”

“Thanks, babe.”

Erica giggled at something Jack said. He laid his arm on the table and played with her fingers. Nice move.

Austin reached for Gina’s hand, but she was twisting her long blond hair in her fingers. Her hair spun loose, and she let him touch her arm. Such soft skin. Someone turned the music up and he leaned close and whispered loud. “That red shirt looks great on you.”

Her cheeks flushed a pretty pink. “Thanks. Erica talked me into it.”

“Can I talk you out of it?”

Her mouth fell open and then she laughed. “I’m sure you can.” She laced her fingers with his and moved close, brushing her lips on his ear. “Can we go someplace quiet?”

“What?” Austin grinned, but when she groaned at him like repeating her question was the last thing she wanted to do, he stood up and pulled her with him. “Lead the way, baby.”

He looked back at Jack and sent him a few hand signals. Jack smiled and shook his head. Gina’s friend waved goodbye as they walked out the door. “So what do you wanna do with me, baby?” Austin smiled at her.

“You have no idea….”

He laughed. “Oh I have ideas, sweetheart.”

“Let’s go back to my house. We can hang out, watch a movie…do whatever pops up.” She clapped her hand over her mouth. “I mean….”

Austin knew exactly what she meant.


They climbed in Austin’s Jeep and drove to the rented house Gina shared with Erica. She scanned the living room and decided it wasn’t too messy. Biology books and notes were scattered on the coffee table so she grabbed those and stuffed them in her backpack. Austin sat on their dumpy old couch and turned on the TV while she snagged a couple of empty glasses and took them to the kitchen. At least she did the dishes this morning. Okay, living room presentable, kitchen clean…. Uh-oh. What did her bedroom look like?

Gina ran to her room and picked up the frumpy clothes she discarded before the game, tossing them all in the closet. She slid the closet door shut and gasped at her unmade bed in the mirror.

What made her think Austin was going to see her bed?

She threw the quilt across it and straightened the pillows, the whole time telling herself they weren’t going to get anywhere near her room. They could always do it on the couch…. Stop that!

“Nothing on TV.”

Gina jumped and spun around with a pillow aimed at his head. “What?”

Austin was leaning against the door, smiling at her. “What are you doing in here?” His wicked blue gaze slid over the bed to her body and lingered at her hips.

As if he didn’t know. “I forgot to, um–” She tossed the pillow on her bed. “What are you doing here?”

“Looking for you.” He walked into the room like he owned it and made himself comfortable as possible in her straight-back wooden desk chair. “I thought you ditched me.”

“Sorry. Just trying to make the place look nice.” Gina turned her back to him and yanked a wrinkle out of the quilt.

“Looks great to me.”

Oh god, he was checking out her ass. Run! Hide! But wait…. Was that whistle for her? Guys never whistled at her. They never checked out her ass or anything else, but the most desirable man in school—no—on the planet was staring at her with lust she could feel right though Erica’s too tight jeans. Gina sat on her bed and smiled at him, trying to think of a clever reply, but her second-skin shirt cut off the blood to her brain. “Thanks, Austin.”

“You are a beautiful woman.”

If she could carve his words in bronze, she’d keep that naughty grin on a shelf like a trophy and hold it close when she needed an ego boost. But she didn’t need it now. Right now, Gina’s confidence was soaring at an all-time high because a man she wasn’t related to called her beautiful. “You’re trouble.”

“So I’ve heard.”

She lay back on her elbows, thrusting her breasts upward, crossing her legs at the knee, her fingers in her hair, twisting—stop that! Gina sat up and stuffed her hands under her butt. What was she trying to do? Austin wasn’t the kind of guy to be teased lightly. He’d take the bait and swallow it whole, and then he’d come back for more. Actually, that sounded pretty good. But no—she couldn’t seduce Austin Sinclair. Could she?

Could she? Hello?

Gina waited for a reason not to but she didn’t get one.

“Are you looking for trouble?” Austin’s troublesome eyes promised all sorts of sinful goodness.

Yes. She wanted to do things that would get them arrested in the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico. Say it out loud, idiot!

She couldn’t answer him, but when he stood up and strode toward her, she noticed her finger curling, beckoning him to come to her.

“I think you found it.” His hands and knees landed on the bed, and he crawled over her while she leaned back, pushing her to the mattress without touching her.

“Wasn’t too hard.” Her lips lingered just a breath from his.

Austin grinned. “You want hard, darlin’?”

Gina’s entire body flashed hot and she was sure her face was as red as her shirt. His lips touched hers and she knew what bliss felt like. His tongue slipped into her mouth, taking control of her senses while her body rose up to meet him. Austin’s chest came down on top of her, crushing her against the bed, and when his hips ground against her…oh heaven. Hard, hot, and strong—exactly how she imagined him.

“Is this what you want?” His hot whisper set fire to her skin.

She moaned and arched into him. Austin played a starring role in her fantasies since the first day of classes. She wasn’t going to say no to him now. “No.” Gina smiled and shoved his chest, turning him on his back and sitting across his tight abs. “This is what I want.”

His laugh turned into a helpless groan as she wiggled on top of him, finally settling on his hard cock.

Gina sat up and surveyed her prize. Austin Sinclair—trouble in her hands—and her bed. Yes!

Now what?


If there was anything hotter than having a beautiful woman sitting on top of him, Austin didn’t know what it was. Scratch that—having a naked beautiful woman on top of him. Gina’s clothes had to go. He unbuttoned her jeans and slid the zipper down. Gina sucked in her breath and pulled her abs tight while he caressed her soft skin. “Your body is so sexy.”

She laughed like she didn’t believe him and twisted her silky blonde hair around her fingers.

His fingers traced her panty line, and he felt her muscles tighten. Her thighs tensed and she shifted back like she was trying to get away from his touch. Odd, but he didn’t let it discourage him. He slipped his hands under her shirt and pushed it up to her bra. Gina sucked her stomach in so far her ribs jutted out and she froze. Austin knew discomfort when he saw it. So many girls he met thought their bodies weren’t perfect, and they always tried to hide something. But he never found flaws on any of them. A girl who was willing to share her body and her bed with him was as perfect as it gets.

Gina gasped and he looked at her. Her eyes were too shiny and her pretty blonde hair was knotted in her fist. She wasn’t uncomfortable; she was terrified. Keeping her in his lap, Austin sat up and kissed her until he felt her relax a little. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No.” She let go of her hair and slid her fingers through his.

He pushed her shirt up over her bra and she held her breath. “Something’s bothering you, baby. I can tell.”

“Will you turn off the lights?”

And deny himself the pleasure of seeing her sexy naked body? “No.”

“Please, I….” Gina’s hair was twisted around her finger again. “This is the first time I– Not my first time. I mean…I haven’t been with anyone since I was….” She huffed a sigh. “No one has seen me naked since I lost weight.”

Ah. Mystery solved. “You still see yourself as a fat girl.”

She nodded.

“You’re not.”

“I know.” But her voice quivered.

“No, you don’t.” That’s why she still hid inside her old clothes. “You’re torn between past and present. You cover up your new body because you’re more comfortable with the old one.”

Gina’s eyes got wide and she blinked.

“You know I’m right.”

She nodded, not looking at him.

“You need validation, someone to tell you you’re beautiful no matter how you feel about your so-called imperfections.” His hand caressed her stomach. “Or better yet, someone needs to show you.”

Austin stood up with Gina and made her face the full-length mirror. Before she could argue, he pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it on the floor. Then he shoved her jeans down to her ankles and kicked them aside. He stood behind her, stroking her exposed skin, nibbling on her bare shoulder. His finger hooked her bra strap and he pulled it down her arm while he unhooked her bra. She grabbed the thin cups and held them like a shield, but he pulled her hands away and exposed her breasts to his touch. He tugged her panties down and met her panicked gaze in the mirror.

“You have an amazing body, Gina. Own it.”


Own it. That’s what Erica said too. Gina stood rigid in front of the mirror with Austin behind her. But she couldn’t look into those devilish blue eyes, so she turned her head and stared at the wall, naked and shivering.

Naked. The last time Gina saw herself completely naked was…so long ago. She couldn’t remember what that girl looked like. Was she pretty? Was she flawed? She stole a quick glance at the mirror, and her eyes immediately focused on her pudgy stomach. Yuck. Austin thought she was beautiful? He must be blind. She cringed and looked at the wall again.

Austin hooked his finger under her chin and turned her head, brushing his lips on her ear. “Open your eyes and watch me, feel me touch you.” He cupped her breast and dragged his thumb over her nipple. “Feel this.”

“Oh.” Friction crackled through her nipple and sizzled along her skin. Heat flamed between her legs, spreading like wildfire. Gina fought to contain it, but her defense failed and she stumbled back against him.

“Watch this.”

Austin’s dangerous blue eyes dared her to follow his hands on a guided tour of her body. The expedition started safe enough, caressing her shoulders, stroking her throat. He stuck to familiar ground, pinching her nipples while she sighed. Her back arched and her breasts lifted, seeking more, but he veered off the trail, his fingers skimming down her sides. She watched, fairly certain she knew his path, and she was right—for the moment. Austin’s fingers slid between her thighs, spreading her, giving her a peek at the treasure he was searching for. Then he abandoned the course completely and lifted his hand to his mouth, licked two fingers and touched her exposed jewel.

“Oh sweet–!”

His cruel laugh tickled her neck, and Austin resumed exploring. “That’s just a taste.”

Sparks danced along her skin, chasing his relentless hands. Gina gasped but kept her eyes on Austin. She heard him moan on her shoulder when he stroked her breasts, tugging her nipples into tight beads. She felt his ragged breath on her neck when he nipped her ear, soothing it with his tongue. She smelled masculine soap when he bent his head and licked the base of her throat.

His fingers crawled down her ribcage like he was descending a ladder. What an odd sensation. For years, her torso was buried under fat, but now Austin could literally count her ribs. Oh god, was she too thin? Gina’s eyes stung and she blinked away tears. She would never feel beautiful.

Austin squeezed her round stomach. “This too.”

Gina shook her head and he laughed. Was he making fun of her? That jerk. She should just– “Ooo.”

She felt him smile on her shoulder while his finger slipped between her lower lips, stroking and circling. Gina gasped and her knees went weak, but he caught her, cupping her mound and impaling her wet flesh with his fingers. Her knees buckled again, but this time it was deliberate and they both knew it. Austin dropped to his knees in front of her, thrusting his tongue into the hot space his fingers still claimed. Gina tried to stand steady, but when his mouth found her fleshy bud, she grabbed his hair and braced herself on his shoulders while his tongue flicked and sucked her. Molten heat seeped through her limbs, melting her from the inside out.

Austin stood and kissed her, plunging his tongue into her mouth, and she tasted what he did to her. He moved behind her, rubbing his hard cock against her. “Feel me,” he whispered, his voice rough and deep. “That’s what looking at you does to a man.”

Without thinking, she ground her ass against him, feeling his hot hard want through his zipped-up jeans. But Gina felt something else too. Budding strength and blooming power. But not from him—from her.

“Now look at your body and feel beautiful.”

Gina took her eyes off Austin and studied her reflection. Oh my god she was naked, and his hand was stuffed between her legs doing things that made her feel…. Erotic. Sexual. Like a woman who went after the man she wanted and got him. Proud.

But not beautiful. Not yet.

She moaned and let her head fall back against his shoulder, hoping he wouldn’t notice her closed eyes. But he did. She heard him laugh and felt him unbuckle his belt.

“The mirror is not your enemy, baby. You need a sexy new image to replace the old chubby one.” A mischievous smile lit up his impish blue eyes as he grabbed Gina’s desk chair and placed it square in front of the mirror. Pulling off his shirt, Austin sat down and took off his jeans.

“I need what?” Gina gasped and stared at Austin Sinclair—naked and smiling at her. Now that was beautiful. She leaned over and kissed him, digging into his chest with her fingers. His body was hard and hot. Lean muscles stretched along his tall frame, and Gina touched them all from his strong shoulders to his beat up knees and every hot piece of man flesh in between. Her fingers curled around his cock and she smiled. Trouble, yes, she expected nothing less from him.

Austin groaned and patted his thigh. “Sit down, darlin’.”

She settled onto his lap and kissed him again, but he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back.

“Nope. This way.” And then he made her turn and face the mirror.

Gina saw her face go white. “No.”


His evil laugh sent chills down her spine. “You are….”

“Evil? Cruel? Bad? I’ve heard it all before.”

“More trouble than one girl can handle.”

Austin laughed. “You knew that before we got naked.”

“Well yeah, but–”

“But nuthin’, sweetheart. Sit down and watch me do bad things to you.” With that, he pulled her on his lap and rubbed his cock between her thighs, teasing her clit with his tip.

Gina quivered and leaned back, her bare skin tingling against his naked chest while he explored her body, inch by sizzling inch. She tilted her head over his shoulder, grabbing the back of his neck to pull him down for a kiss. Mmm…she needed to kiss him more. His mouth was a sensual playground, hers to explore and enjoy.

“Hey, that’s cheating.” Austin nipped her lower lip and grinned.

“What? How?”

“You closed your eyes while you kissed me.” He made her sit up straight, holding her breasts in his hands while he pushed her thighs apart with his knees. “You gotta watch.”

Gina looked in the mirror and watched his hard cock separate rosy pink petals, teasing her fleshy bud before thrusting inside her. Seeing it, feeling it…oh god. She couldn’t look away.

“If that isn’t beautiful, I don’t know what is.” Austin groaned and pulled out only to slam back in again.

Her hair tumbled over her face, but she pushed it back and stared at their carnal image. The breasts she thought too small spilled between Austin’s widespread fingers while he massaged her swollen pink nipples. Her once large thighs looked small pressed against his muscular legs, flexing and straining while he planted his cock inside her, digging deep into her wet pink garden. The erotic picture burned into Gina’s brain, branding her memory forever. Beautiful? Yes. Oh god, yes.

Beauty blossomed between her legs, flowering over her skin and sending twisting vines of gorgeous pleasure tangling through her limbs. Gina’s body curled and she bent forward, nearly falling from his grasp.

Austin sat up with her and pushed her legs together, holding her body tight between his thighs. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back. Gina hissed but her reflection moaned and gasped for more. The hand in her hair pulled harder, restraining her but leaving her uncontrolled. She let him hold the reins while he took her for a wild ride. He bucked underneath her, bouncing her ass between his powerful legs and growling while she moaned, digging her fingers into his thighs. She felt him gasp and shudder and then he wrapped his arm around her waist and lay on her back, his breath hot and uneven on her skin.

“Please.” She moaned and squirmed in his arms. “I want to kiss you. I need to kiss you.”

“Turn around.”

She turned and straddled him, impaling her beautiful body on his throbbing cock. Gina tangled her fingers in his hair, pulled his head back and kissed his parted lips while she ground down on him. She moaned into his mouth, writhing in his lap.

“You like that don’t you, baby.” Something devious flashed in Austin’s eyes.

“I like all of it.” She wasn’t exactly sure what he was referring to but it didn’t matter.

“You like watching me fuck you.”

Heat consumed her while he described all the wonderful things she liked.

“You like riding my cock.” Austin’s tongue circled her breast, and he bit her nipple. “You like being naked.”

She honestly did, especially when he—oh god—stuffed his hand between their bodies and rubbed her clit.

“You like feeling beautiful, powerful.” Austin grunted when her thighs tightened around him.

“Yes.” Powerful. That was it. Sitting on top of Austin, watching him squirm and groan under her, watching him do things to her that made her feel sensual and beautiful gave her the strength to ask him—no—tell him what she wanted. “Make me come.”

“Happy to, beautiful.”

Gina kissed him, looking straight into his eyes while he thrust harder, his fingers circled faster. The room tilted and fell back, slamming their bodies together. Still they kissed, clinging to each other. Another ferocious wave knocked her against him, and Austin swore, holding her tight while she rode it out. But she couldn’t withstand the cresting tide. Gina tumbled in Austin’s arms, falling with him as her body crashed, splintering as they ripped apart. She rolled across the floor and gasped for breath.

“Ow! Goddammit.” Austin grabbed the back of his head. “Are you okay?”

Gina turned her head and found Austin next to her. He looked funny. Holding his head with one hand slapped over his eyes, his back flat on the floor, but his legs pointed straight up, knees bent over something…the chair. He was still sitting in the chair, but it was lying on the floor.

“I’m fine.” Gina laughed and sat up. “We tipped the chair over.”

“No shit. That hurt.” Austin crawled to his knees, still rubbing his head. “Am I bleeding?”

She ran her fingers through his hair, checking for injury. “No. Just a nasty bump.”

Austin winked at her. “I’ll give you a nasty bump.”

Gina laughed and scrambled to the bed as he lunged for her. They fell tangled and naked, kissing as they rolled in each other’s arms.


Gina woke up alone. Austin left during the night, kissing her and promising to meet her at McGinley’s later. She let him go, knowing she couldn’t keep his heart. No girl could.

Austin’s heart wasn’t what she wanted from him anyway. His body—oh yes. Gina wrestled the twisted sheets from her waist and sat up, running a hand through her snarled hair. What day was it? Her clock said almost nine and her alarm didn’t go off so she suspected it might be Saturday. Biology exam on Monday. She should spend today studying, but no, today felt different. She felt different.

She caught a glimpse of her bedroom in the mirror. The blankets on her bed were tangled and tossed. The chair lay on the floor where they left it. And the mirror—wow. Gina’s senses flamed as scorching images from last night flooded her memory, washing away her old chubby self-image and leaving beautiful, sensual pictures in its wake. The mirror wasn’t her enemy anymore.

Smiling, she got up and searched her dresser and her closet for something, anything that wasn’t baggy or oversized, but the only clothes that fit her slim, sexy body were Erica’s. Gina threw on her robe and skipped to the living room.

“Erica, can I borrow your clothes again? I’m going shopping.”

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Amelia James started reading steamy romance novels in junior high, but her mom took them away from her, so she started daydreaming instead. After she got married, she wrote some of her naughtier daydreams down and sent them to Playgirl magazine. Two of them got published. She kept daydreaming and writing stories until her dirty stories turned into trashy books. She lives in Colorado, but she’ll always be a loyal Wisconsin Cheesehead. When she’s not lusting after her next bad boy hero, she looks for inspiration in sci-fi and action movies, football players, bloodsucking lawyers, muscle cars, and kick-butt chicks.
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  1. Jackie @Jackiebkworm says:

    Austin is my favorite bad boy. I can’t get enough of him. Loved this short story. Loved the description, the dialogue & everything. It’s a hot story.

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