Sexy Briefs Author Interview – Charisse

Today’s guest is Sexy Briefs author Charisse. Charisse’s story, “Perfection” appears in the Tasty Little Tales collection. Charisse has been writing about sex since before she lost her virginity. The forbidden aspect of the never-talked-about subject sparked a fire in her soul that led her teenage rebellion in a rather unique and quiet way. Though she is not an only child, she spent a lot of her childhood escaping into a fantasy realm that somehow managed to bond with her mind and has followed her into her adult life. Her imaginings often creep into her nightmares and bring the darker side of reality into sharp focus. It is for this reason that she writes to escape the dreamworld as much as she writes to enter the land of fantasy.

As a newlywed, Charisse has recently dropped off the map. She has not abandoned her audience, just merely retreated for a little “research”. She is still stalking and posting to all of her social networks and reading a number of books for review. She would also like to note that additional projects are in the works.

Sexy Briefs: Tasty Little Tails and Sexy Briefs: Knickers in a Twist are available FREE on Smashwords. 

Who are you and why are you here?

I am Charisse Lyn, but I prefer Charisse (damn you, Facebook & G+ for demanding “full” names!). I’m here to express my more fun side and to entertain. Also, to promote Sexy Briefs: Tasty Little Tails, although you should read all the Sexy Briefs offerings!

Plug your book(s) in three sentences or less:

I am a relatively new author, published in only three items: A Slip of the Lip, Hearteater, and now Sexy Briefs: Tasty Little Tails. A Slip of the Lip and Sexy Briefs are both free and full of authors that I look up to and recommend. Hearteater (which has 6 of my works) is, aside from another author-heavy anthology, a gruesome, gory, bloodbath of sex and horror that benefits charity.

Tell us about your Sexy Briefs story. Which collection does it appear in?

“Perfection” began as a daydream during an arts appreciation course that is mandatory for all college students. We were studying the differences between Greek original art and Roman reproductions and I found my mind wandering to the perfect sculpture on the projector. I have never objectified a piece of ancient history before and that sparked the story. In all, I think I wrote it in one class period with minor edits while typing it the next weekend (and, yes, I still managed to get my notes taken and finish the course with a perfect score).

“Perfection” was my go-to piece when I read for Bedpost Confessions when they toured up to Dallas and it was the first piece that entered my head when I read the criteria “show us who you are” in the submissions call. I like twists and, well, “Perfection” has quite a twist! It can be found in the Tasty Little Tails collection alongside M. Christian and several others!

What genre(s) do you write in? Why did you choose it?

I didn’t choose anything; it all chose me. The erotica began as a (now lost) diary, of sorts, that evolved from stretching the truth to full-fledged fiction. The horror and darker erotica started as a dream-journal, documenting the nightmares that plague my mind. I have a highly over-active imagination and I find that once I write down the nightmares that wake me, they go away – at least for a little while.

Some of the non-erotica I write releases fears and tensions. I also try to document the joy life can bring. I have, recently, begun to dabble into children’s stories, though those will be published under a different name (when I decide what name to use, I will probably list it for my readers, if they choose to follow me there, as well).

Do you use a pen name? Why/why not? How did you choose it?

Yes. I have written under three other names for blogs and am hoping that I never have to change things up again. My true identity has been breached by a few stalkers and once by people I knew on campus and the backlash was something that left me with a tarnished reputation (which is why I think I shall never see myself in politics). As of recently, I have a very public personal career and must keep my image clear for the companies that I represent. With a mind as dirty as mine, this would not be possible without an outlet!

I must apologize, but I cannot reveal how I created Charisse; let the superhero spies have their secrets, won’t you?

Most writers are ‘different’ from the rest of the world in some way. What makes you different/odd/weird?

I am me, I am unique, and I am slightly off the deep end. I may have multiple personalities, which may make this multiple-pseudonym life rather easy for me to live. But that makes me just like the rest, doesn’t it?

I guess, if I were to apply one thing, it would be this: Happy endings are meant to be a physical expectation and not always a literary one.

Where do you get your ideas? What motivates you?

I blame the nightmares, dreams, reality, and my over-active imagination. My main motivation, as cliché as it may sound, comes from the voices in my head. I don’t always follow through with what they tell me I should do (or who), but I do tend to write out their demands.

What do you like on your pizza?

You buying?! I love Mr. Jim’s garlic crust smothered in mushrooms, black olives, bacon, and Canadian bacon (dripping with their garlic butter dipping sauce). Give me thick crust over thin, but never deep dish. []

Pineapple is perfectly fine, but only freshly out of the oven and not reheated; same for bell peppers (but I prefer those raw and freshly cut). I can’t stand onions, jalapeños, or that barbeque chicken craze. However, if you do decide to go for a more “simple” pizza, a thin crust white pizza (with added mushrooms) from the brick oven, New York style pizzeria down the highway is a perfectly acceptable option. With or without tomatoes, I’ll let you pick.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

How can anyone name just one favorite? Or what kind? I mean, I’m a sucker for good food, desserts, chocolate, and creamy sweet custards. I make a heavenly crème brûlée, there is an Italian restaurant that makes orgasmic tiramisu, and there are some succulent sugar cookies for sale in my grocer’s bakery section. If you’re not talking food, I refuse to divulge any additional guilty pleasure information.

What do you wear to bed?

Absolutely nothing! Unless a blanket counts? Or maybe that fresh, sticky sheen of sweat after a particularly fun little romp….

What is your ideal vacation?

A hedonistic seclusion; I want to be the center of attention, the only female surrounded by very attentive men. If I want to drop to my knees, I want a hard cock ready to be sucked. If I want to take a dip in the pool, I don’t want anything between me and the water. I want sun, trees, a beautiful deck, a pool, the ocean, and only my handful of men for miles.

Or maybe just a quiet, relaxing time with plenty of wine, oysters, books, and my husband. Preferably light offered by bonfire on a beach or candles and a fireplace.

What’s the weirdest search term that led to your blog?

I know that I should monitor that stuff, but I don’t. I did, once before, for one of my older (now defunct) blogs, but I don’t really remember the strangest search term. One that cropped up often had something to do with “Big Dick” and “Daddy” and another word or two. It was very odd and only led to my page through a single post about a fellow blogger by the name of Big Dick; this was before I started heavily writing out the erotic…and even now, I don’t think I have any Daddy-stories….

And now for some either/or questions: Bath or shower?

Shower. I have a very odd phobia of bath tubs; not the tubs themselves, but the endless amount of germs I just know are waiting to stick to my skin. ~shiver~ I can skinny dip in a lake, a pool, or a hot tub, but I cannot sit in a bath tub. My husband makes fun of me because I curl my toes in the shower. I’m squirming just thinking about it…!

Mayo or Miracle Whip?

Honestly, it depends on the application. Some sandwiches demand Miracle Whip, others demand REAL mayo. Most assuredly, French fries demand real mayo.

Cat person or dog person?

I grew up with dogs but I have always been a cat person. I have two darling little felines at home that love to test my patience with their vengeful antics.

Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate. The darker, the better!

The book or the movie?

The book. Always. I will see the movie, but it will never compare.

Floss or brush?

Brush. I advocate clean healthy teeth, but I don’t always follow through with everything. It doesn’t help that I have a tiny mouth and it is a bit awkward to do the full routine.

Phone call or email?

It depends. I reserve phone calls for the more personal conversations. I still insist that that is how I fell in love with my husband; even though we met online, it was his voice that put the collar on my neck.

Bonus question: What is the airspeed velocity of a coconut-laden swallow?

I don’t know, but it sure feels like he’s trying to kill me with a sugary sweet shot to the throat!

(Yes, I’m ignoring the Monty Python reference in favor of a sex joke – I love my husband, but damn can he shoot a load!)





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Amelia James started reading steamy romance novels in junior high, but her mom took them away from her, so she started daydreaming instead. After she got married, she wrote some of her naughtier daydreams down and sent them to Playgirl magazine. Two of them got published. She kept daydreaming and writing stories until her dirty stories turned into trashy books. She lives in Colorado, but she’ll always be a loyal Wisconsin Cheesehead. When she’s not lusting after her next bad boy hero, she looks for inspiration in sci-fi and action movies, football players, bloodsucking lawyers, muscle cars, and kick-butt chicks.
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