Amelia James

I decided to do some author interviews. I have a couple of fascinating authors lined up, but before I subjected them to my interrogation, I thought I’d practice on me.

Who are you and why are you here?

I am Amelia James, trashy writer extraordinaire (so much for being unbiased). I am a woman, a writer, a wife, a mom, and a smart-ass. I am here to entertain you. That is why I write.

Plug your book(s) in three sentences or less:

Oh crap, this is a hard one. Tell Me You Want Me: flirty, fun, sizzly sexy erotic romance with a little drama and a lot of sex. Secret Storm: secrets, lies and sex. Jack has a tragic past. Will he let Sara help him overcome it? The Devil Made Me Do It: naughty short stories that’ll melt your ereader. One Wild Night: historical paranormal adventure romance short story. Never piss off a gypsy with the powers of hell at his fingertips.

What genre(s) do you write in? Why did you choose it?

I write contemporary erotic (i.e. lots of detailed sex scenes) romance. I think the romance genre chose me. I grew up in a very conservative and sexually repressed environment. I wasn’t allowed to explore my sexuality so I do it through my writing. And it’s just a lot of fun to write romance, especially the research and fantasizing, er, plotting. ;)

Do you use a pen name? Why/why not? How did you choose it?     

Yes, because romance writers are often misunderstood and judged. And I don’t want my mother to find out what I’m writing. Amelia James is a nickname my dad gave me when I was a kid.

Most writers are ‘different’ from the rest of the world in some way. What makes you different/odd/weird?

I still have imaginary friends. And they’re all men. Hmmmm….

Where do you get your ideas? What motivates you?

Most of my ideas come from my dirty mind. My imagination is a wonderful thing. I spend a lot of time daydreaming, especially when I’m supposed to be doing something else. Food motivates me. I like to eat so I need money to buy groceries. (Buy my books!)

What do you like on your pizza?

Pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ham, black olives and mushrooms. Or Alfredo sauce, marinated chicken and black olives.  And lots of cheese.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Real deep-fried potato chips (none of that baked crap) piled with full-fat dip. Mmmmm…. And Christian Kane. Not necessarily in the order. Or all at once.

What do you wear to bed?

Why did I ask this one? In the summer, just a smile. In the winter, I usually have my husband draped all over me. He’s my space heater. ;)

What is your ideal vacation?

Lying naked in a hammock on a tropical beach, swaying in a cool breeze. I have a tray of fresh fruits and berries within reach, maybe a bottle of wine. Sometimes my imaginary boytoy is with me. Sometimes I’m alone. A thunderstorm is approaching. I can hear thunder rumble and lightning cracks the sky but rain never falls. There are no unnatural noises. Peace. 

What? I have to bring my family? Well dammit. ;)

What’s the weirdest search term that led to your blog?

Cockbiting. I promise there is no cockbiting anywhere on my blog. Except here. But that’s it. No more.

And now for some either/or questions: Bath or shower?

Shower. Or a bath.

Mayo or Miracle Whip?

Miracle Whip, especially in my potato salad with dill pickles and mustard. Yummy.

Cat person or dog person?

I have three cats. I love pussy. (Had to be done!)

Chocolate or vanilla?

I sooo want some chocolate, but it gives me migraines. Totally sucks. Sigh.

The book or the movie?

I don’t have time to read so show me the movie.

Floss or brush?

No, I don’t floss. It hurts. I’m a wimp.

Phone call or email?

Definitely email. I hate talking on the phone. Hate it. I have phone-a-phobia. If I don’t recognize the number, I don’t answer.

Bonus question: What is the airspeed velocity of a coconut-laden swallow?

Hahaha. I’m not going to answer this one. This is my sense of humor test. It’s probably an age test too but still a damn funny movie.


And there you have it. If you’d like to be subjected to this, please let me know. My email address is on my contact page. Thank you!

Do you have any questions for me? Leave them in the comments. Thanks!

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