Resource Jewels

10 Signs You’re Doing Networking all Wrong – a great do/don’t article

1st Author Interviews – submit an interview and an excerpt.

12 Easy Steps to The Making of a Book Trailer – it is what it says.

Bad Redhead Media – My favorite social media consultant. This woman knows how to sell and how to do it without spamming. She covers branding, keywords, blogging, authenticity, and engaging your readers.

Book Buzzr – list your books for free, has several marketing technologies

Edin Road Radio – read an excerpt and chat with the host, Jesse V. Coffey

Erotica for All – erotica/romance authors can sumbit an author profile and complete interview questions.

Escapistpress – an artist’s co-op where you can find the village it takes to write a successful book.

Twimagination – this site lets you post short writings and links to your Twitter account to share them.

Worthy of Publishing – post excerpts from your book or work in progress. You can also post a link to buying sites.

More to come.

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