Treasure Trail – Excerpts

Excerpt policy

Authors and writers can submit a 700 word excerpt of their fiction work or work in progress.  Please include your name, the title of your book, and the release date if applicable.  Do not send excerpts that contain illegal sexual acts, bestiality (including un-shifted/shifted shapeshifter combinations), incest, pedophilia, glorified racial intolerance, necrophilia, or graphic rape.

Please email excerpts to quietrowdy1 at

The Next Shakespeare by Wanda Ernstberger

The Devil Made Me Do It by Amelia James

Tell Me You Want Me by Amelia James

Secret Storm by Amelia James

One Wild Night by Amelia James

The Boss’s Pet: Office Training Goes Home by Tonya Kinzer

One Response to Treasure Trail – Excerpts

  1. Awww, I’m so psyched to be on this page. I’m at the doctor’s office getting your interview ready to go, it was excellent by the way. Thank you for this.

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