Devon Ruthin and a Vampire in Love – Tessa Stokes

Devon Ruthin

and a Vampire in Love

Volume one of The Ruthin Trilogy

 Excerpt from Chapter One

 As he walked through the nightclub, he attracted lots of attention. He smiled at his companion, a pale lovely girl who did not draw as many admiring glances as he did. Then after kissing her on the cheek, he stood by the bar and scanned the range of hopeful female faces. His companion wandered alone onto the dance floor, where she started to sway to the music.

One girl in particular stood out for him as he looked around the crowd, she had very long hair and an elfin face. Her dress was barely there and he liked the way it clung to her thighs and showed off her pretty neck and shoulders.

The girl whose name he would instantly forget knew she was the one that had been chosen, even though as yet he had not approached her. She waited happily until he walked over, gracefully weaving through the crowded bar area. He knew he was being stared at and not just by women, and he flashed his eyes in his sexy inviting way as he returned their stares. His eyes were bright kingfisher blue in reality, but seemed silver in the special club lighting. He knew this gave them the shivers, his admirers, his future lovers. The one he was approaching would not be the only girl he ravaged that night.

As he came closer the girl was extremely impressed by his lovely face, he was very attractive, bordering on beautiful. His nose a perfect shape, his eyes, oddly silver and mesmerizing were fringed with long, dark lashes. He was tall, elegant, and muscular and wore a shirt that was reminiscent of one from the sixteenth century over black jeans. The cuffs ruffled and coming to halfway down the backs of his hands and the top four buttons closed with loops of satin. His hair was dark and long to his shoulders, thick, slightly wavy, and pushed behind his ears. His overall look radiated sex. He asked her name, and smiled charmingly. The girl was captivated by him as he leaned close and kissed her cheek. She felt the coolness of his skin and the softness of his lips and wanted them on hers.

He very soon obliged and took her hand to lead her to the outdoor area of the club. Couples were out there kissing. There was a woven wooden fence in which there was a door that led to the street, once out there after closing the door you could not re-open it from that side, and he knew this.

Once through the door he began to kiss her gently at first and then with little bites on her lips and cheeks. She was breathing rapidly with excitement as he ran his hands up and down her thighs and then along her neck as he continued to kiss her. It was over in minutes as soon as he had driven himself into a frenzy, he almost flew with her to the back alley of a row of shops across the street. He felt her body respond to his, even as she moaned in pain when his bite became harder on her breasts. He stopped and kissed her gently until her moan suggested another feeling, his hips against hers, his cool skin against her inner thighs, and then he bit down hard into her throat and drained her in seconds. There was a trash skip in the alley and he tossed her in it.

When he went back into the nightclub, he noticed the girl he had arrived with dancing close to a young man, her arms around his neck. She gave him their special look over this poor soul’s shoulder.

The silver eyed, beautiful man had begun tempting another woman and this next conquest had fifteen minutes of exquisite sexual pleasure in a nearby public rose garden before she too became his meal. He didn’t want to toss her into the trash with the other body. She had whispered his name against his ear as they had made love, if that was what it could be called. It had felt good, and so he put her in the boot of his car, which was illegally parked in the entrance to the gardens. He had already got a ticket that was tucked underneath a windscreen wiper. He left it there and went back to the club. He decided against telling the next girl he approached his name.

By the time he met up with his friend at their designated rendezvous time by his car, three other bodies were pressed into his boot. He was sated with blood and sex, he smiled all the way to the place they disposed of bodies and once there threw the parking ticket in with them.

It was nearly dawn, which came early in the warm June weather and he wanted to be in his cool comfortable house by the time that abominable sun came up. His companion was quiet as he drove home her hand on his thigh.

Copyright Tessa Stokes 2011 ISBN 978-1-908210-22-7

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