The Devil Made Me Do It – Amelia James

The Devil Made Me Do It by Amelia James

This is part of a story from my erotic short story collection. 

He stopped short, turned, and dragged her into his arms, kissing her. Images of her naked on the floor, legs wrapped around his waist, hips thrusting wildly flashed through his brain, stealing his breath. “We’ll be lucky if we make it to my car.”

Her reply was a soft moan. “In that case, give me five minutes to freshen up.” She pulled away from him and ran to the ladies room.

“You have three,” he called after her. He followed her to the hallway outside the restrooms and waited, checking his watch. After two minutes, he couldn’t wait any longer. He pushed the door open and found Melissa alone, fixing her lipstick.

Her eyes widened and she spun around. “What are you doing in here?”

Brian quickly surveyed the room. It was surprisingly clean, dimly lit, with a sturdy vanity that would serve his purposes very well. He grabbed a chair and angled it under the doorknob. There would be no interruptions. He turned to Melissa and lifted her up on the countertop.

“We can’t–” Her breathless protest was cut off by his mouth closing over hers. He swallowed her gasps and groans, pressing her back against the mirror.

He broke the kiss suddenly and leaned back, staring at her with blazing eyes. “Do you remember what I wanted to do to you?” She didn’t need any more hints when he pulled open her cardigan.

“Oh god,” she gasped and arched her back to let him unhook her bra. He swiftly bared her breasts, pausing to admire them, then leaned forward to take one hard nipple between his teeth.

Melissa hissed as he bit down, soothing the painful pleasure with his tongue. But while that ache was relieved, an even more intense ache burst between her legs. “Between my legs,” she groaned.

“What?” Brian lifted his head, staring at the half-naked woman writhing beneath him.

“I want your tongue between my legs.”

Brian smiled and returned his mouth to her breasts. “Don’t worry, baby,” he whispered over her nipple, “I’ll get there.”

All she could do was wrap her legs around his waist and pull him in tight. But it wasn’t enough. His merciless tongue and relentless teeth tortured her breasts. If he wasn’t careful she was going to—oh god—she really was going to come. The wave seized her, arching her back and pushing her breast into his hot mouth. He knew what she needed and ground his erection against her while he bit one nipple and pinched the other. Brian nearly came himself when she dug her heels into his thighs, twisting and moaning. He kissed her battered nipples as she caught her breath.

“Don’t think I’m finished with you yet.” Oh no. He had plans for her. So. Many. Devious plans.

Melissa whimpered.

Brian slid his hands under her skirt, frowning when he discovered her silky stockings were waist-high pantyhose. But at least that was all she was wearing, he noticed as his fingers explored between her spread thighs. He hiked her skirt up to her waist, exposing the wet black nylon. That sight, not the Tequila, brought him to his knees.

He closed his eyes and inhaled the musky sweet scent of her. His head swam, and when he opened his eyes, the damp spot spread outward, seeping through the fabric. Grinning like a little boy with a new toy, Brian puckered his lips and blew a pointed breath at the wet panel. Melissa squealed, wriggling on the countertop. Then he opened his mouth wide and breathed heat in that same spot, drawing a deep sigh from the woman he was taking such delight in tormenting. The dampness increased and he couldn’t resist touching it, tracing his fingertip along the seam of her pantyhose from top to bottom.

“Yes,” Melissa sighed, “oh yes. More. Please. Mooorrre—”

He traced the outline of her pussy, lip to lip, fold to fold, curiously fingering the pink flesh as if he was the first to discover it. But touching it wasn’t enough. He wanted to taste it. He wanted to taste her, eat her, and devour her. His tongue followed his finger. Down and around. Over and back again. Tasting a woman always drove him crazy, but this woman—her taste, her texture, her scent—this woman was driving him legally insane. Melissa’s entire body tensed, her hips shifting down toward his mouth. But neither of them could get enough.

He twisted the flimsy material in his fist, poked a finger through, and ripped it straight down the middle.

The Devil Made Me Do It – coming November 26, 2012!

One Response to The Devil Made Me Do It – Amelia James

  1. bajanpoet says:

    I’m breathing hard and squirming… wanting someone to pound my dick into now I’ve read this ….

    Well done…. on my way to Smashwords!

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