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Amelia be awarding a candy bar (see below) and bookmark and a Grand Prize of a limited edition signed copy of Home is Where the Heat Is to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour (INTERNATIONAL WINNERS). Click here for the Rafflecopter. Click on the banner above to follow the tour and increase your chances of winning.

About Home is Where the Heat Is

The Twisted Mosaic’s reader favorite, Claire, has some twisted fun of her own.

Dependable paralegal Claire O’Connor knows the man of her dreams is out there waiting for her, and she’s ready for him. Imagine her surprise—and delight—when she discovers not one but two men who lust for her. One adores her; the other challenges her. One makes sense; the other is a gamble.

Despite the family tragedy that shaped his past, JT Luck has only known professional success. His personal life, however, is a failure…

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Excerpt – Watched by a stranger (Warning: Adult Content)

homeheat coverClaire gasped as the door burst open. JT jumped up and moved in front of her.

A man stood and stared, one hand on the doorknob and the other at his belt buckle. “Oops, sorry.” He grinned at JT. “Nice job, man.”

“Get out.” JT forced the words between his teeth.

The guy backed up and closed the door.

Claire’s heart hammered in her chest. Caught! That man had seen JT licking her… he’d seen her spread legs and everything in between. “Oh God.” The room spun and JT caught her as she teetered off the counter.

“Are you okay?” He pulled her close.

“I don’t know.” A stranger had seen her in a most vulnerable position. She should be shocked and appalled, humiliated or embarrassed. But a hint of pride and secret excitement fluttered in her lower abs. She retrieved her discarded panties, and JT helped her tug them over her boots. She pulled her skirt down then turned and splashed cool water on her face while he adjusted his pants. “Holy shit.” I’m swearing?

“Yeah.” He ran a hand through his tousled hair. “I forgot to lock the door. I’m so sorry.”

She shrugged. “I forgot too.”

He raised an eyebrow as he studied her face in the mirror.

She glanced down at the counter, trying to hide her eyes from his penetrating gaze.

“You are a bad, bad girl.”

“Shut up!” She spun and slapped his shoulder. “We need to go now.”

JT laughed and slid in front of her as he opened the door. “You’re still here?” he said.

The guy who’d interrupted them adjusted his pants and smiled at Claire. His deep brown eyes sparkled and the tip of his tongue slipped between his lips as he surveyed her body.

Cute. Why’d we throw him out?

JT clenched his fists and stepped forward.

The intruding stranger stood his ground. “Full pitcher of beer creating an urgent need.”

JT rolled his eyes. “Jesus Christ.”

The guy ducked past them and shut the door. Claire laughed when she heard him turn the lock.

“I’m glad you’re laughing.” JT moved closer to her, pressing his lips against her ear to be heard over the pounding music. “This could’ve gotten really ugly.”

Claire stiffened. She glanced at the closed restroom door then brushed his hair back from his ear. “You think he could’ve turned us in?”

“Possibly. Or you could’ve freaked out.”

“I’m okay.” She closed her eyes and recalled the moment the stranger walked in. An intrigued grin had lit up his eyes and a swift bulge had filled out his pants. “He liked it.”

JT laughed in her hair as he ground the ridge in his jeans between her thighs. “Think he would’ve liked to watch?”

“Oh yes,” she sighed on his neck as his hard, warm body trapped her against the vibrating wall. Watched by a stranger. Just thinking the words shot a wild thrill from her nipples to her still-throbbing clit.

“Maybe,” JT flicked his tongue along her throat, “he would’ve liked to join us.”

Home is Where the Heat Is releases tomorrow!

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Quickie Excerpt – Yummy IT Guy

homeheat coverKurt clenched his fist to still his shaking limbs. He nodded then gazed at the woman beside him. Her flushed cheeks and breathless words highlighted her excitement, but her eyes held a whisper of fear.

“Do you really want to do this?” he asked.

“Yes.” She wiggled closer to him.

“I know you want him.” Kurt nodded toward JT as he tipped the waiter and closed the door behind him. “And I understand your craving for two guys, but are sure you want me?”

“Why not you?”

“In all the time we’ve known each other, you’ve never once shown any interest in me.”

The pink in her cheeks turned red as she stroked the back of his hand. “I’m sorry. I’ve always thought of you as the yummy IT guy. I should’ve let you know, but I didn’t know how.”

Yummy IT guy? Hell yeah, I would’ve loved to know that. Kurt laced his fingers with hers.

She closed her eyes, tilted her head back and presented soft, red lips. His heart stopped and he stared at her perfect face: thick eyelashes fringed on her cheeks, faint freckles dotting her nose, and a mouth made for kissing.

“You’re beautiful.”

One eye opened and glared at him. “You’re clueless.” She slid her arm around his neck and pulled him down until his lips touched hers.

The room spun and reality disappeared, leaving only his longed-for fantasy in his arms, kissing him, slipping her warm tongue into his mouth. He held her tight and savored that kiss, hoping it might be the first of many.

Home is Where the Heat Is – erotic romance coming May 19!

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I apologize for the inconvenience

I’m trying to move from WordPress to another host, but it’s not going well. I’ve contacted people to help me, but that’s taking more time than I wanted to. I hope to have this thing up and running again soon, but I don’t know when that will be. In then meantime, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, or my publisher’s website. Thank you for you patience.

~Amelia James

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Excerpt – Make me come (Warning: Adult Content)

homeheat coverStiletto heels clicked on the floor as she got up, trembling a bit as she took the position he’d indicated. “Would you rather have me stand over there?” She nodded toward the revealing patio doors. Light from his neighbor’s house penetrated the backyard—someone could be watching even at this hour.

“No. This time you’ll strip just for me.” He raised the glass to his lips then changed his mind at the last second. “Take your pants off.”

Shivers coursed down her spine. Just for him—a private audience. She unsnapped her jeans and lowered the zipper, peeling them down her hips to her knees. The shoes had to go, so she stepped out of them and kicked her pants across the room. Goose bumps covered her legs.


Standing in the big open kitchen, exposed to him, but shielded from the world outside, rattled her. The idea of having a larger audience frightened her less than the prospect of taking her clothes off for his intense gaze alone. She shook her head.

“Good.” He swirled the untouched scotch again. “Lose the panties.”

With a tug and a wiggle, she dropped the cherry red satin to the floor, leaving her naked from the waist down. She’d expected to remove her sweater next, but the bastard exposed her most vulnerable flesh first.

He groaned and emptied half the glass in one swallow.

Thank God.

Then he picked up the bottle and refilled his drink past the point it had been before.

Claire sputtered. Half-naked, showing off the good parts and he reached for the bottle? “Are you fucking kidding me?” What does it take to light a fire under his ass?

JT grinned. “That’s what I wanted to hear.”

As she prepared to unleash another curse, she realized he’d played her, and she’d tipped her hand. She smiled and slid her bare feet across the floor, parting her thighs and exposing her ace in the hole.

But instead of folding, he stared at the counter, oddly transfixed by the inanimate object. His calculating gaze slid up and down her legs, then back to the countertop. He’s measuring. Hot dew collected between her legs as she imagined him bending her over the solid quartz.

“Put the heels back on.”

She nearly fell on her bare ass as she tripped into her shoes.

“Now go to my bedroom.”

What? “But I thought—?”

“Don’t argue.” He picked up the glass and pointed with it toward the hallway. “Upstairs, last door on the right.”

No kitchen sex. Damn it. She could’ve maneuvered him in front of the window, but maybe his bedroom provided a better view. She turned and took two trembling steps.

Suddenly, glass clacked on polished stone and wood scraped tile as JT got to his feet.

He grabbed her arm and jerked her back, jamming his straining hard-on against her naked ass. His zipper screeched open as he grabbed a fistful of her hair and slammed her body against the unforgiving island.

She gasped and slapped her palms on the stone slab, thrusting back against him as his cock invaded her from behind. What the hell happened?

Claire groped for anything she could hold onto for leverage, and sent the now empty glass skittering across the counter. Her scalp burned as he yanked her upright. “Holy fuck! Make me come!”

Home is Where the Heat Is – erotic romance coming May 19!

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Excerpt – Hammer in my toolbox (Warning: Adult Content)

homeheat coverJT kept up the excruciating pace, driving Claire to a clawing frenzy and hitching a ride along with her. Anything I want. He wanted to make her squeal, make her cling to him, sweating and swearing. He wanted to give her the attention she craved, and he wanted love like no one else ever had.

But he couldn’t tell her all of that, not now, not in this heated moment with his brain half-fried and his body teetering on the edge of oblivion. And not when he still had so much to lose. So he’d show her as much as he could.

“I want it slow.” He pulled out a sliver at a time.

“Mmm….” She arched into him.

“I want it hard.” He shoved his hips into hers.

She gasped and shuddered. “Don’t stop.”

“And I want it rough.” He slammed their bodies on the stairs, wincing at the bruising pain. “You’re gonna feel that in the mornin’.”

“Ow yes!” She dug her fingernails into his ass and pounded back.

His entire body ached, with the most intense need rooted in his cock. Tongues of flame licked his skin, whipping up an inferno. Ah, but he couldn’t finish yet. He’d tested her patience and pushed his to the limit. And she’d said all night. If nothing else, he wanted to give her that. Now. Tonight.

He flicked his tongue in her ear. “Come for me.” Maybe if he got her off hard enough, she wouldn’t notice he hadn’t come. Her pussy throbbed and tightened around him. Oh shit, I’m gonna lose it. He slipped one hand under her ass, digging in to the hot mound while he twisted his fingers in her hair and nibbled the spot where her neck met her shoulder.

“Oh. Oh!” Her body trembled and he drove in deep, counting each nail in the staircase under them, remembering pounding them in one at a time.

Pounding. Not helping.

But she came fast, gashing his shoulders with her fingernails as she squealed. Sweat dripped from her skin as she clamped her legs around his. “Fuck me with a hammer,” she groaned.

Hearing his favorite curse on her lips made him laugh, and he won the battle with his cock. “There’s a hammer in my tool box.”

“I like the one between your legs.”

Home is Where the Heat Is – erotic romance coming May 19!

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Excerpt – Exposing her (Warning: Adult Content)

homeheat coverHe glanced around the room, then stood up and held his hand out to her. “I got an idea.” He pulled her to her feet, and then dragged an overstuffed chair to face the front picture window.

“What are you doing?”

“I shouldn’t be the only one who gets to watch you.” He pulled the curtains back with a dramatic sweep. A leafless Aspen tree blocked most of the light from the street lamp on the corner, and the house across from hers remained dark.

Claire jumped back and grabbed the nearest article of clothing—JT’s leather jacket—and held it over her bare breasts. “Are you nuts? We can’t fuck here!”

He walked in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass and crossed his arms over his chest. The darkness outside reflected his naked ass onto the window. “As good as a mirror.”

“I have a full-length mirror in my bedroom. We can fuck in front of that.”

He shook his head. “You love being on display. Here’s your chance to see and be seen.”

“I never should’ve told you about that.”

“You never did, Rebel.” He sat down in the chair and spread his legs, thrusting his hard cock upright.

“Don’t call me that.”

“It fits you, Claire.” He stroked himself, first with one hand, then two. “And so does this.” He cast a glance at his erotic reflection.

His dick fit her pussy, no doubt about that, but the strategically placed chair and the wide-open window filled her craving for attention. The street lay silent outside. Nothing moved. Nothing blinked. If no one would see, then why not close the curtains? Maybe. Possibly. Did she need anything more? Her blood boiled over, mixing steaming cauldrons of rage and fear with simmering pools of want.

Fear spoke up first. “Someone could walk by… recognize me.”

“If anyone sees us, they won’t be looking at our faces.”

She bit back a laugh. Countless men had ogled her body without looking twice at her smile, but JT’s gaze locked on hers, challenging her to let go of her inhibitions and indulge. A long sleeve drooped to her knees as she loosened her grip and swept her hair behind her ear.

JT grinned at her bare thighs. “That jacket doesn’t cover everything, you know.”

She flung the useless leather aside, and a surge of pride welled up inside her as he tightened his grip on his cock. She stood between his legs with her back to the window, but he caught her hips as she tried to sit on his lap.

“Nope. This way.” He turned her body, exposing her nudity to the quiet darkness. “Face yourself.”

Home is Where the Heat Is – erotic romance coming May 19!

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How Children’s Books Teach Us to be Terrible Writers #MondayBlogs

And why we need to read more of them.

Energizer Girl is sick again so I’m spending lots of mornings reading books to her. I’ve got a couple of favorites and a couple I want to toss in the trash and burn because they’re so badly written. But most of them follow a distinct pattern. If romance novels have a formula, children’s picture books have a definitive style. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

They repeat words – Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? (That would be me.) My number one rule of writing is never to use the same word twice in one sentence, paragraph, and sometimes on the same page. Children’s books repeat the same word over and over and over… until my brain goes numb. This is an effective method for teaching vocabulary, but it’s a bad habit for a writer.

They use too many dialogue tags – I’ve pretty much abandoned dialogue tags in my writing. (He said, she said, etc.) One of my daughter’s books is so loaded with ‘kid said, mommy said’ that I skip them when I read it to her. Children being read to need this device for clarity, but adults have developed the ability to infer from context. I’ve learned to shake this bad habit and use the character’s actions to show who’s speaking.

They use weak verbs –The above-mentioned books I want to burn are loaded with was, were and other non-action verbs (along with tense-shifts, practical impossibilities, and terrible sentence construction). My publisher calls these state of being verbs (SOBs), and my editor slashes them mercilessly. Children benefit from this simple, direct approach. Cutting the weak links from your sentences adds the excitement adult readers crave.

We grow up reading repeated words, dialogue tags, and weak verbs, so when we start writing, that’s what we use. So why not burn all the children’s books? Because the really good ones do more than teach us basic reading and writing skills.

They teach us about differences between people. Giraffes Can’t Dance, one of my favorite books, says, “Sometimes when you’re different, you just need a different song.” I’ll read that book to my daughter over and over and over until she learns how to find her song.

Sometimes-when-youreThey teach us about our world. The dialogue tag overkill book tells how a rainbow is made. Simple, direct, and smart. Look for a rainbow the next time a storm passes. What colors do you see? And that leads me to my favorite lesson.

They teach us how to imagine. Bridge to Terabithia. Cinderella. Snow White. Peter Pan. These stories and others sparked my imagination long before I started writing. Reading to my daughter keeps that flame alive.

Imagination makes us great writers.

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Join my trashy street team! We have chocolate.

facebook cover street teamAnd I’m a bit brain dead because I woke up at 3am thinking about this. But hey, here’s how it works:

If you do these things for me… (a.k.a The Rules)
*You must be 18+ to be a member of this group. Adult content will be present, whether or not it’s mature is debatable.
*Please share my posts about new releases, sales, giveaways (unless it’s exclusive to the street team), and other book related info. Participation is always voluntary and highly appreciated. See benefits below.
*Please don’t add people without their knowledge or consent. Invite them. Thanks.
*Please do not spam members with links to someone else’s books or blogs. This group is about readers connecting with me and each other. Please set up your own forum for your own work.
*Please post all the pics you want, but no nudity. Not because I don’t like it. I love naked, but I’ve been a member of other groups that have posted naked pics, and they got reported and shut down. I’d hate to have that happen to us. Also, no pictures of violent acts. Or spiders.
*Profanity, however, is encouraged.

I’ll do this for you (a.k.a Member Perks)
*Exclusive giveaways
*First access to ARCs, cover reveals, excerpts, and upcoming release news.
*Chocolate will be involved.

You can find our home on Facebook. Please join me and help share the trashy goodness!

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How Trashy Uses Her Men

Every time I write a male secondary character, he ends up getting his own book. Sometimes I do that intentionally, but usually I fall in love with the guy and can’t let him go. This happened with Jack, who first appeared as Austin’s best friend in Tell Me You Want Me. Before I’d finished with Austin, I’d fallen for Jack, so I gave him the woman of his dreams in Secret Storm.

When I started writing the Tell Me sequel, Tell Me You Want Forever, I created a guy to tempt Jane. I’m only on chapter ten, but he did his job so well that I’ve already got plans for his book. So yeah, I’m deliberately using him.

Kurt, who will appear in my upcoming release, Home is Where the Heat Is, stole my heart as well. I’m not surprised. The geek is based on my own personal IT guy. I don’t have a story for him yet, but if my readers want one, I’ll make sure they get it.

Heat releases May 19 and it’s the first time a secondary female made the trip to her own book. Claire makes her first appearance in Their Twisted Love, and she has a major trashy role in His Twisted Choice. The entire series is available now on Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Smashwords and pretty much anywhere else you want to look for it. The first book, Her Twisted Pleasures, is 99 cents.

Including today, there are 56 days until release day. That’s plenty of time to read the entire Twisted Mosaic and the bonus stories in the omnibus. I hope it’ll spark your interest in Claire, JT, and Kurt (yes, three ;) ). If you want to feel the Heat, start with some Twisted Pleasures.

The Twist Mosaic

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