Man Candy Friday – Trashy’s Pleasures

Since today is my birthday, I’m treating myself to my favorite men with long hair pics–my personal fetish. You may have seen some of these guys before, but they’re worth seeing again.

adrian-paul-smolderDuncan MacLeod – The Highlander. There can be only one. Nah. I want more!

Thor4Sexist god alive. I’m not into blonds, but there’s always one exception.

Festival ComicCon à San Diego. Journée du 24 (suite). Retnauk. libOr two.

Loki6Sexiest villain. Kneel!

Long-Hairstyles-For-Men-2013I don’t know who this guy is, but I don’t care. ;)

Young-Jon-Bon-JoviJon Bon Jovi back in the day. I miss his 80s hair.

Clay-MatthewsMy mane man! Clay Matthews.

kilt7Long hair, kilt, and a big sword. My kind of threesome.

long hair2Names are irrelevant when you’ve got hair like that.

And my personal fave…

Eliot Spencer messed up hair13Christian Kane/Eliot Spencer. Scowly, messy, hawt in every way imaginable. And I’ve imagined quite a few. ;)

Christian Kane bed hairOoo bed hair.

Happy Birthday to me! I hope you enjoyed my fetish as much as I do.

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Why I’m no longer self-published #MondayBlogs

I’ve been with a small press for a couple of years now, but my posts about why I chose to self-published and why I was happy with it still get a lot of hits, so I thought I should write an update. Let me explain, no, there is too much. Let me sum up:

Publishing is pain no matter how you do it.

Why I loved self-publishing

  1. Freedom. Everything was under my control. I was my own boss.
  2. I didn’t have to work with an editor. No one could change my words or tell me I was doing something wrong.
  3. I could promote however I wanted.

Why I left self-publishing

  1. Everything was under my control. And I mean everything. Sure, I could write whatever I wanted and release it whenever I wanted, but I never considered the business side of publishing. And as hard as I tried, I’m just not an entrepreneur. Since I’ve been with my publisher my books have been released as paperbacks, audio books, and French translations done by someone who speaks the language, not a computer algorithm. I’m an international bestseller. I couldn’t do that as a self-publisher.
  2. I needed to work with an editor. I have an English degree and a pretty good understanding of grammar, but there’s so much more to the craft of writing than putting words on paper and checking for typos. My editor wasn’t just a proofreader. She taught me how to bring my writing to life. She edited for content, making sure my story worked and my characters were consistent. She made me a better writer. Everyone needs an editor. And unless you’re a graphic artist who understands cover design concepts, everyone needs a cover artist too.
  3. I promoted however I wanted—and I made all the bad author mistakes: spamming links on Twitter and posting only about my books. It wasn’t until after I signed with a publisher that I learned about branding and content marketing. I probably would’ve figured that on my own, eventually, but I now benefit from sharing my publisher’s quality reputation. I doubt I would’ve achieved that alone, especially without an editor and an artist.

I’m not saying signing with a publisher is right for everyone, but unless you’re willing to go into business for yourself, you may want to stay out of self-publishing. I still have to deal with some business issues and promotion, but being with a publisher allows me to focus on my writing. And that’s where my real freedom is.


Yes, yes they are. ;)

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Two Trashy Favorites You may be Missing

Once you know my writing pattern, you’ll know how to look for upcoming releases. ;)

I’ve been attending RomCon as an author for the last two years, and my favorite event has been the book signings. I bring copies of all my books so people who’ve never read my work ask which one I’d recommend. Two years ago, I told them Tell Me You Want Me was my most popular book, but Secret Storm was my favorite. Most people chose both, but those who could only afford to buy one chose Secret Storm.

With the exception of The Twisted Mosaic, I don’t write series. I love writing men, so all of my books have at least two guys, and I inevitably end up falling in love with the hero’s best friend and give him his own book. That’s how Secret Storm came to be. My readers loved Austin and sent Tell Me tearing up the bestseller lists, but many of them don’t seem to know about Jack’s book. It’s my favorite because Jack appeals to me on so many levels. He’s got long hair (my favorite fetish), he’s a powerful running back, a devoted friend, a charming date, and a skilled lover. His scars, both physical and emotional, run deep. I want to take him home and make it all better. And I’m not the only one:

“Where are the “Jack”s in the world? This man was delicious, and needs to come home with me!” ~ Cate O’Brien

“Oh Jack! Damn he’s hot!” ~Heather Cox

If you loved Tell Me and haven’t read Secret Storm, find out what you’re missing.


Last year, I told readers about my new favorite, Home is Where the Heat Is. (Shh, don’t tell Jack.) That book came from a female character Twisted readers fell in love with. Claire, Alex’s assistant, needed a good man. I found not one hot guy for her, but two. Heat is my favorite book because JT and Kurt help Claire live out my most decadent fantasy: being spoiled and pampered in every way we could image. And I have a damn good imagination. Yes, I’ve got two guys again, and Alex and Will play significant roles in Claire’s adventure.

Since I’ve made the first book in the Twisted Mosaic free, the entire series is taking off, but many readers don’t know about Claire, JT, and Kurt’s threesome. That’s right. I said threesome. Maybe that scares some readers off, but the Twisted series is MFM and much darker than Heat, so if you can handle Alex, Talia, and Will’s demons, Claire’s over indulgence should be an appealing escape.

“If you like erotic, fun reads…pick up this book…like now!” ~Keshia R

“…for pure heart and fuel for the imagination this book is my favorite.” ~Gaele

It’s my favorite too. But wait, I still love Jack. Dammit, I can’t choose. And now you know why I love writing ménage. Take a chance on JT and Kurt in Home is Where the Heat Is because the book I’m writing now is all about the second M in Claire’s MFM.

homeheat3DtransparentOh, and in case you haven’t heard, my upcoming release is the sequel to Tell Me You Want Me. Tell Me You Want Forever brings more of Austin and Jane’s romance and introduces Finn Munro. Remember that name. You’ll be seeing him again.

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NEW RELEASE! Tell Me You Want Forever is here!

Finally! The long-awaited sequel to my runaway hit, Tell Me You Want Me, is available now. More Austin and Jane. More Jack and Sara. And a delicious dish I call Chef Temptation. He earned that nickname, trust me.  tellmeforever3DtransparentNotorious heartbreaker Austin Sinclair vowed he’d never fall in love, but all that changed when he met his Janie. They’re living their happily ever after… until an unexpected threat tears them apart.

Each hopes that something will change, that the other will give in, but it’s going to take both of them—together—to overcome this obstacle. Can they make their love last forever? Or has their fight been for nothing?

Arouse all your passions.

 Tell Me You Want Forever is available everywhere now. Go get it. Tell your friends the sequel is here!

Happy Trashy Days!

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Quickie Excerpt: Your Sweet Ass in my Bed

tellmeforever3DtransparentThe sequel to my bestselling trashy romance, Tell Me You Want Me, is coming December 1!

“I wanted your sweet ass in my bed, but the kitchen floor will do.”

Jane bolted upright and spun around, clamping a hand over her pounding heart. “Austin! What are you doing here?”

“Waiting for you.” He leaned against the wall, a bottle of Merlot swinging in his hand. “With this.”

A tingling thrill lit up Jane’s body as she recognized the fiery label from the Flaming Cask, her favorite local winery. “Not that.”

“Oh yes.” He grinned and stalked toward her. “After my epic fail with the flowers, I figured the chocolate might not do so well either. But I’d already bought it, so I thought I’d take the chance.”

The rich, velvety taste lingered in her sense memory. “It’s Belgian.”

“I know.” Pure wickedness lit up his eyes. “Good choice, huh?”

“That mountain of amazing chocolate isn’t enough to patch things up between us.” She cast a wary glance at the bottle as he backed her up against the island. “And don’t expect the wine to change anything.”

He stopped a breath away from her, not touching, but his intimate proximity caressed her senses. “No expectations. No hidden agenda. Just a gift, a peace offering.” He handed her the bottle. “Seems like every time we try to talk, we end up screaming at each other. I thought the Merlot might take the edge off things.”

That particular bottle of wine always landed them in bed. Or the floor. And one time across the hood of the Mustang. Drinking it tonight would likely have the same result, but she took comfort in that certainty in the midst of upheaval. She nodded toward the barstools at the island. “Have a seat.”

Tell Me You Want Forever available everywhere December 1! Now available for pre-order on Amazon.

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Quickie Excerpt: Chef Temptation

tellmeforever3DtransparentMy favorite new character in the Tell Me You Want Me sequel is Finn Munro, a.k.a, Chef Temptation. He earned his nickname. ;)

“Where’d you get your determination, lass?”

Both her mother and Austin called her the most stubborn person they’d ever known, but she’d never thought about how she got to be that way. “Probably from arguing with people all my life. My mom always told me I couldn’t do things, so I did them to spite her.”

He rubbed the ever-present stubble on his jaw. “What about your boyfriend?”

Austin had never denied her anything—until now. “I fight with him, too.”

“Fighting is good foreplay.” The rebellious curl had come loose again, teasing his sparkling eyes.

“That’s what he says.” An urge to hit something coiled up inside her. “What is it with men and pissing women off?”

He smiled and his Celtic burr ignited her senses. “We love to arouse all your passions.”

Well damn if that wasn’t the toe-curlingest thing Finn—or any man—had ever said to her. Her face flamed as she spun and grabbed a towel, wiping beads of sweat from the back of her neck, and hoping he hadn’t noticed the flush that surely colored her cheeks. “Do you smell something burning?”

He laughed behind her. “No.”

What’s happening to me? She loved Austin, but a few simple words from a guy she had no business taking a second look at made her hotter than the screaming oven. She pulled her cake out and cut an individual dessert-sized portion with a ring mold. It crumbled on the plate as she poked a fork in to taste it. “Dry. We let it go too long.”

Finn tasted his and nodded. “How do we save a dry cake?”

She focused her thoughts on the culinary problem at hand. “Chocolate sauce.”

“Aye. Chocolate has many useful purposes.” His beguiling smile reappeared.

He’s definitely flirting.

Tell Me You Want Forever available everywhere December 1! Now available for pre-order on Amazon.

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Excerpt & Giveaway! That Damn Wine – Warning: Adult Content

Welcome to the Cranberries and Spice Giveaway Hop! I’m bringing the spice with my upcoming erotic romance, Tell Me You Want Forever, releasing December 1. Austin’s bringing the wine. ;) You’ll find giveaway details after the excerpt.

Excerpt: That Damn Wine

A shiver ran down the back of Jane’s neck. Evil danced in Austin’s eyes as he grinned down at her, waiting, lurking like a dark predator ready to pounce. Mmm… she’d give in to that even without the wine. She rolled onto her stomach, and he yanked her panties down and tucked them under the curve of her butt. “Oh God.”

“That’s right. You know what’s coming.” He got on his knees and trapped her thighs between his. “You know I’m gonna fuck you till you squeal.”

Her exposed nipples brushed the cool tile, heating her skin. She whimpered as he pinned her body to the floor with his and grabbed a handful of her hair. His cock invaded her helpless flesh, seeking and taking.

He leaned down and nipped her shoulder, squashing her under him. “Till you squirm.”

“Do it.” She wriggled and gasped for breath. The man was making a show of tormenting her, and he appeared to be in no hurry to end it.

He laughed. “This is your favorite way to get laid because you have no control.”

He’s got that right. How’d they end up here anyway? She’d only stopped by to get some clean clothes, and now she lay beneath his naked body, confined by her panties and his vice-grip thighs. That damn wine.

She rose up on her hands, but slipped on sweaty palms as he rocked, crushing her with demanding strokes. Her entire body buzzed while he thrust, building waves of pleasure on her, each one enhanced by the potent wine and tainted with confusion. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“It’s a little late for that, sweetheart.” He slammed in deep, holding her thighs between his as he made his point.

Why not let him have his way? They still loved each other. She didn’t want anyone else. Are you sure?

“God no!” She cried out and pounded her fist on the floor. No! No one else. Especially not now with her whole life spinning like a blender. Not even Austin. “Stop!”

“Like hell.” He twisted his fist in her hair.

She knew he’d ignore her, but saying it let her cling to the one wisp of control slipping from her grasp. “Then finish.” But she didn’t want that either.

“No, baby. You’ll finish when I want you to.”

She’d expected that too. When had he gotten predictable?

Austin slid his hand along the floor and wedged it under her, groping her breast. Jane let out a squeal as he pinched her nipple and laughed. “No one else knows you so well.” He breathed ragged in her ear. “No one else can love you like I do.”

No one else? Had she said that out loud? “What?”

“You’re mine, Janie.” He growled and fell on her back.

She gasped and pressed her burning cheek to the floor. Does he know about Finn?

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Ebook copy of Tell Me You Want Forever

Ebook copy of Tell Me You Want Me

Grand Prize: Ebooks copies of Tell Me You Want Me, Secret Storm, and Tell Me You Want Forever.

Contest ends 12/5/14. Good luck!

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Excerpt – You’re not Naked.

tell me foreverThe sequel to my bestselling trashy romance, Tell Me You Want Me, is coming December 1!

He laughed as she tried to down the heady wine, then grabbed the bottle as she tipped over. “Whoa baby,” Austin caught her. “Slow down.”

“Why? Show up naked and bring the wine she can’t resist. Ishn’t that what you taught me?” His warm, masculine scent teased her senses, enhancing the wine buzz. She should’ve pushed away, sat up straight, but resting against his chest felt so damn good.

“Something like that.” He trailed his fingertips down her back, sending a spinning spiral of ooo-I-like-that through her limbs.

She clutched his shirt for support. “But you’re not naked.”

“Do you want me to be?” A devious smile quirked the corners of his mouth.

Be what? She never wanted him to be anything but his naughty-boy self. “You know, the flowers and the chocolate didn’t do much for me. But the 1991 Flaming Cask Merlot… that’s us. Um, me. Ours? That’s our thing. I’m impresshed.”

He shifted and cupped her chin, stroking her flushed cheek with his thumb as he gazed into her eyes. “I know what my Janie likes. Took me a couple of fails to get it right, but I know you better than anyone.” He kissed the tip of her nose.

She groaned and tried to push back. “Don’t do that.”

But Austin held her tighter and brushed his lips on her cheek. “Do what?”

A shuddering sigh escaped her. “Get all sweet and romantic. I can resist dirty—”

“No, you can’t.” His tongue teased her earlobe.

“I can try. But when you’re fuzzy and charming and mmf.” She mashed her face into his chest. “There’s no hope for me.” She sat back and plopped her chin in her hand.

“That’s exactly what I was going for.”

The gleam in his eyes sparked a fire between her thighs. “You’re evil.”

“But you like me.” He grinned and tried to pull her close, but she slid off her stool and jerked out of his reach.

“I don’t like you.” She hadn’t meant to say that with so much venom, but the wine was operating her mouth. “You piss me off to no end. You drive me crazy and back again. You make me want to—” Words failed her and she grabbed handfuls of her hair and yanked. “I hate when you do that!”

“I know.” He appeared unmoved by her rant and that heated her up even more.

“So why—why—do you do it?”

The practiced and perfected smile that intoxicated women faster than an entire cask of Merlot highlighted those evil eyes. “Because I love arousing you… in every way imaginable.”

Tell Me You Want Forever available everywhere December 1! Now available for pre-order on Amazon.

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The Trashy Romance Collection

AJ covers for FB newAll covers designed by Mallory Rock and made of awesome!

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Sex-Positivity: A Parental Superpower for Raising Happy, Healthy Kids


I’m trying really hard to teach my daughter that touching herself is normal. This helps.

Originally posted on August McLaughlin's Blog:

Don't worry - it gets easier! And as my recent radio guest Lea Grover pointed out, sex talk should go well beyond a single chat.

Don’t worry – it gets easier! And as my recent radio guest Lea Grover pointed out, sex talk should go well beyond a single conversation.

One of my favorite questions to ask radio guests and listeners is, “What did you learn about sex as a kid?”  In response, I usually hear some variation of “nothing” or “that it was bad.” Considering the little, if anything, most of our parents learned about sex growing up paired with the abstinence-only and fear of STDs approaches used in U.S. schools and society’s messages about sexuality, these answers aren’t surprising—but they are unfortunate and worth changing, no matter when you start.

Some of the reasons parental sex-positivity matters:

◊  Most kids learn extremely little or countless mistruths about sex throughout their lives, which raises their risk for depression, anxiety, eating disorders and more.

◊  Sexuality is a natural part of being human, from the womb on. Addressing kids’ natural curiosities truthfully, respectfully and…

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