The Problem with Fifty Shades and other Sex Movies – NSFW

Simply put: not enough full-frontal male nudity. (Hey, I’m Trashy. What did you expect?) When I asked my friend Paula if there was a lot of naked in the movie, her answer indicated the R rating was mostly one-sided. “Gah….so frustrating! Saw a flash of his penis in one scene, but a lot of his backside. Every nude scene of her was a totally naked scene, even showing her pubic hair.”

How disappointing is that? Nudity in movies and TV should be equal opportunity for all. Women have been stripping for the camera for years. Why can’t men do the same? It’s unfair to female movie goers that we don’t get to see as many balls onscreen as men get to see boobs.

wheres-the-beefThat’s what I’d like to know.

What good are R ratings with warnings about graphic nudity and strong sexual content if only half the audience is satisfied? And don’t even get me started with misleading titles like The Full Monty. Magic Mike? Plenty of bare ass but no joystick. We can only hope Magic Mike XXL will have the balls to blaze new ground for male naked.

Maybe if we boycott sex movies like this writer Hollywood will pay attention and give male nudity fair representation. In the meantime, enjoy this man butt gallery.

Adam Rodriguez, Magic Mike

Adam Rodriguez, Magic Mike

Chris Hemsworth, Rush

Paul Walker and Steve Zahn, Joy Ride

Paul Walker and Steve Zahn, Joy Ride

The Full Monty

The Full Monty

Disclaimer: this post was written in the tongue-in-cheek font. If you know of any movies with full-frontal male nudity, post the title in the comments. I need to do more research. ;)

Special thanks to the ladies of Trashy’s Happy Place for helping me with this post.

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FREE Valentine’s trash!

Want to add some heat to your Valentine’s weekend? Pick up my MFM menage romance, Home Is Where the Heat Is, FREE today and tomorrow only! (2/14-2/15/15) And only on Amazon. It’s also available free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

homeheat3DtransparentDespite the family tragedy that shaped his past, JT Luck has only known professional success. His personal life, however, is a failure. He doesn’t want a relationship, and while his ‘let it ride’ attitude keeps most women at a distance, Claire is eager to roll with him. But when she finds out Kurt, the office’s resident computer geek, harbors a secret crush for her, she wonders if he’s the safer bet. Go all-in or go home? Either way, the heat could be more than they can handle.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Enter Trashy’s Sex & Chocolate #Giveaway!

Valentine’s Day is coming this weekend, and I’ve got some trashy prizes to help heat things up.

Prize package #1

Signed paperback, coffee mug, chocolate bar, and keychain

Signed paperback, coffee mug, chocolate bar, and keychain

Prize package #2

Signed paperback, tote bag, keychain, chocolate bar

Signed paperback, tote bag, keychain, chocolate bar

Enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway ends 2/15/15.

Good luck!

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NEW RELEASE! The Dead Survive by Lori Whitwam

FrontcoverfinalMy dear friend and the only person I willingly share my muse with releases the first book in a new post-apocalyptic series today. The Dead Survive was originally a stand-alone novella called Monsters Unmasked, but it has a new cover, new content and a new publisher.

I don’t do zombies, but I read Lori’s romantic suspense novel, Make or Break, and loved it. She’s an amazing romance author with a gift for bringing scenes to life. So what’s she doing writing zombies? Read on to find out

Why is a romance writer writing a zombie apocalypse series? Is there a romance involved?

Honestly, I’m not totally sure! I do consider myself a romance author first and foremost, but if you think about it, both books have relationships at the core of them. As for romance in The Dead Survive…sort of, but not really. Ellen meets Quinn, of course, but rather than it being a true romance story, he’s more there to help her learn what she needs to learn to overcome everything that’s happened to her and find a way to live in this dangerous new world. Happily ever after is hard to come by in the apocalypse. The next two books will see Ellen in a better emotional place, though, and ready to risk falling in love.

I read Make or Break and loved it, but I never read The Dead Survive. Zombies aren’t my thing. I’ve never seen The Walking Dead, and I don’t plan to. How would you explain the zombie appeal to readers like me?

Just like there is a wide spectrum of romance sub-genres, there is a lot of variety in zombie or post-apocalyptic fiction, too. There is plenty of “blood and brains” zombie stuff out there, but that’s not really my thing either. The best zombie fiction, in my opinion, isn’t about zombies. In any apocalyptic story, it’s not about the zombies, plague, aliens, comet, whatever. It’s about the survivors. It’s about the people who embrace lawlessness, the people who struggle to rebuild lives, how societies redevelop, and how people form relationships when lives can literally depend on those around you.

What makes yours different from all the others?

The majority of zombie fiction seems to be written by men. I can think of a few female authors, but not a lot. The guys tend to focus on the gore, survival tactics, and weapons more than the relationships and psychological aspects of living in the apocalypse. For me, the zombies are a device, a means to put people in this sort of chaotic situation and see how they handle it.

How did The Dead Survive become a series? When can we expect to see the next books? 

Again, not totally sure! It was originally a short story written as bonus material for a friend’s collection. I released it separately, but it was mostly just sitting in cyberspace gathering dust. I edit for Limitless Publishing, and one day it occurred to me that they might be interested. They were, but they asked me to make it longer, so this book is over sixty percent longer than the original. They asked if it was part of a series, and I said no. Then I thought about it, and decided I wanted to know what Ellen did next. With my editing schedule, I can’t invest the time to write another massively long novel like Make or Break, so I decided to do what John Saul did in the 1990s with The Blackstone Chronicles, which were a series of short novels following one main story arc. If things go according to  plan, Book Two should be out in the spring, and Book Three in the fall of 2015.

You’re also a full-time editor and proofreader. How does your writing fit into your busy schedule?

It’s really difficult. My obligations to my indie author clients and to Limitless come first. I’ve made a commitment to edit for them, and they count on me to do my job, focus my attention on their books, and get things done on time. I might eventually have to block off several days a month for my own work, but since I’m scheduled solid into June 2015, that won’t be soon. For now, if I finish a four-day job in three days, the fourth day is for me.

Seth is your hottie hero in Make or Break, but I fell in love with Dilbert too. Who inspired him?

MakeOrBreak_ByLoriWhitwam453x680Dilbert was a real dog owned by my close friend, Jessica Levy. She’s a veterinarian I worked with for many years. Dilbert looked exactly like the Dilbert in my book, a medium-large guy who looked like a flat-coated retriever. He lost his eye while on “walkabout,” possibly due to a run-in with a barbed wire fence.

How long have you been writing? Where do you get your inspiration from?

I’ve never not written. I wrote my first short story when I was ten. Coincidentally, it was horror, one of those “evil dolls come to life and kill stupid little girl” things. I’ve always written essays, and was probably the only one who did a happy dance when the English teacher assigned one. I wrote a journal for many years—note to self, burn those things—and was a columnist and feature writer for a racing magazine and later a dog magazine. Then came blogging…there are too many words in my head, and they have to come out. Inspiration, who knows? It can be a scene, as it was for Make or Break, or a concept like zombies or shifters or a cosmic equalizer. I just take that seed and let it germinate in the back of my mind till I see if it turns into something.

What do you have planned for 2015?

I hope to get at least two more books out in The Dead Survive series, for sure. I sort of promised my publisher! Lots and lots of editing, of course. On a personal level, my husband and I want to add another dog to the family, spend some time on the beach, and get passports so we can potentially travel a bit. Oh, and a new tattoo!

The Dead Survive is available now!

Lori Whitwam Official Author Website:

Lori Whitwam, Author, on Facebook:

Lori Whitwam on Amazon Author Central:

Lori Whitwam on Twitter:

Lori Whitwam on Goodreads:

About the Author

Lori spent her early years reading books in a tree in northern West Virginia. The 1980s and 90s found her and her husband moving around the Midwest, mainly because it was easier to move than clean the apartment. After seventeen frigid years in Minnesota, she fled to coastal North Carolina in 2013. She will never leave, and if you try to make her, she will hurt you.

She has worked in public libraries, written advertising copy for wastewater treatment equipment, and managed a holistic veterinary clinic. Her current day job, conducted from her World Headquarters and Petting Zoo (her couch) is as a full-time editor for indie authors and small publishing houses.

Her dogs are a big part of her life, and she has served or held offices in Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees rescues, a humane society, a county kennel club, and her own chapter of Therapy Dogs International.

She has been a columnist and feature writer for auto racing and pet publications, and won the Dog Writers Association of America’s Maxwell Award for a series of humor essays.

Parents of a grown son, Lori and her husband were high school sweethearts, and he manages to love her in spite of herself. Some of his duties include making sure she always has fresh coffee and safe tires, trying to teach her to use coupons, and convincing the state police to spring her from house arrest in her hotel room in time for a very important concert. That last one only happened once—so far—but she still really, really appreciates it.

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Home Is Where the Heat Is #FREE!

For the first time ever, my MFM ménage romance is FREE! But only on Amazon and only for 2 days. This is a companion novel to The Twisted Mosaic series. A lot of readers wanted to know more about Claire, so here she is, along with two men who can’t get enough of her.


The Twisted Mosaic’s reader favorite, Claire, has some twisted fun of her own.

Dependable paralegal Claire O’Connor knows the man of her dreams is out there waiting for her, and she’s ready for him. Imagine her surprise—and delight—when she discovers not one but two men who lust for her. One adores her; the other challenges her. One makes sense; the other is a gamble.

Despite the family tragedy that shaped his past, JT Luck has only known professional success. His personal life, however, is a failure. He doesn’t want a relationship, and while his ‘let it ride’ attitude keeps most women at a distance, Claire is eager to roll with him.

But when she finds out Kurt Langston, the office’s resident computer geek, harbors a secret crush for her, she wonders if he’s the safer bet. Kurt doesn’t get close to people, and his feelings for Claire make no sense in his carefully ordered life. His unexpected bond with JT pushes him to take chances he never imagined.

Go all-in or go home? Either way, the heat could be more than they can handle.

FREE today and tomorrow, 12/27-28/15. Get it while it’s hot.

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Merry Christmas from Amelia James

May your holiday season be richly blessed.

christmas_layout_31Thank you for another great year.


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Trashy’s letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I’m not going to tell you I tried to be a good girl because we both know that’s not true. All I want for Christmas this year is a girl for Kurt. You and I know who she is, but they’re being stubborn about it. So give them each a kick in the ass and tell them Trashy knows best.

Oh, and if you find it in your heart to leave a little something for me in my stocking here’s a hint:

Yes, more than one. No, I don’t know what greedy means.

I’ll try to be a good girl next year… oh, what’s the point? Get under that mistletoe and give Mrs. Claus a big one. ;)



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Trashy’s Pleasures – Men in Kilts

Last week I did men with long hair, so this week I’m indulging in my other fetish – men in kilts.

David Tennant

Gerard Butler

Jamie Fraser37Sam Heughan

Liam Neeson

Bruce Campbell

Ewan McGregor

Sean Connery

MacKenziesThe MacKenzies

You’re welcome. :)


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Man Candy Friday – Trashy’s Pleasures

Since today is my birthday, I’m treating myself to my favorite men with long hair pics–my personal fetish. You may have seen some of these guys before, but they’re worth seeing again.

adrian-paul-smolderDuncan MacLeod – The Highlander. There can be only one. Nah. I want more!

Thor4Sexist god alive. I’m not into blonds, but there’s always one exception.

Festival ComicCon à San Diego. Journée du 24 (suite). Retnauk. libOr two.

Loki6Sexiest villain. Kneel!

Long-Hairstyles-For-Men-2013I don’t know who this guy is, but I don’t care. ;)

Young-Jon-Bon-JoviJon Bon Jovi back in the day. I miss his 80s hair.

Clay-MatthewsMy mane man! Clay Matthews.

kilt7Long hair, kilt, and a big sword. My kind of threesome.

long hair2Names are irrelevant when you’ve got hair like that.

And my personal fave…

Eliot Spencer messed up hair13Christian Kane/Eliot Spencer. Scowly, messy, hawt in every way imaginable. And I’ve imagined quite a few. ;)

Christian Kane bed hairOoo bed hair.

Happy Birthday to me! I hope you enjoyed my fetish as much as I do.

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Why I’m no longer self-published #MondayBlogs

I’ve been with a small press for a couple of years now, but my posts about why I chose to self-published and why I was happy with it still get a lot of hits, so I thought I should write an update. Let me explain, no, there is too much. Let me sum up:

Publishing is pain no matter how you do it.

Why I loved self-publishing

  1. Freedom. Everything was under my control. I was my own boss.
  2. I didn’t have to work with an editor. No one could change my words or tell me I was doing something wrong.
  3. I could promote however I wanted.

Why I left self-publishing

  1. Everything was under my control. And I mean everything. Sure, I could write whatever I wanted and release it whenever I wanted, but I never considered the business side of publishing. And as hard as I tried, I’m just not an entrepreneur. Since I’ve been with my publisher my books have been released as paperbacks, audio books, and French translations done by someone who speaks the language, not a computer algorithm. I’m an international bestseller. I couldn’t do that as a self-publisher.
  2. I needed to work with an editor. I have an English degree and a pretty good understanding of grammar, but there’s so much more to the craft of writing than putting words on paper and checking for typos. My editor wasn’t just a proofreader. She taught me how to bring my writing to life. She edited for content, making sure my story worked and my characters were consistent. She made me a better writer. Everyone needs an editor. And unless you’re a graphic artist who understands cover design concepts, everyone needs a cover artist too.
  3. I promoted however I wanted—and I made all the bad author mistakes: spamming links on Twitter and posting only about my books. It wasn’t until after I signed with a publisher that I learned about branding and content marketing. I probably would’ve figured that on my own, eventually, but I now benefit from sharing my publisher’s quality reputation. I doubt I would’ve achieved that alone, especially without an editor and an artist.

I’m not saying signing with a publisher is right for everyone, but unless you’re willing to go into business for yourself, you may want to stay out of self-publishing. I still have to deal with some business issues and promotion, but being with a publisher allows me to focus on my writing. And that’s where my real freedom is.


Yes, yes they are. ;)

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